Well, after a whopping ONE comment, I suppose we have a winner!!

Congrats, Vicki - send me your address to brittnykvilhaug@yahoo.com and I'll get these cards out to you asap!

Have a great weekend everyone!


{VICKI} said...

Lucky for me I was the only one!

Just sent you an email!

Jessica said...

Yay Vicki!! I had a crazy busy week, but I still love your blog Britt! Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

sorry I didn't comment, I have been on vacation and haven't had a chance to go online. I am coming back with a lot of inspiration that I will share with you when I get home.

The Homemaker said...

Summertime... between that and the new phone that makes me *think* I have all access all the time, I forget to check my real email and my real blogs (um, did I just say "real" in relation to both email and blogs? wow.). Mea culpa sweet girl! I'm on it like white on rice next time! xoxo!