Lots of snipping and randomness

How about the randomness first? I agree...

It's Monday. And on Mondays all I want to do is pretend it's still Sunday. Or better yet, Saturday, because when you think about Sunday it's almost as depressing as thinking about Monday. The impending doom a Sunday brings me is is almost as bad as the day before a big final. You know the feeling like, "Ohmygod... I forgot to study about the life cycle of the tse tse fly. It's a english lit final, but you never know..." That's how I feel about Mondays. You just never know.

SO to bring some balance to this hectic day, I introduce to you a book full of fun little facts: Everything You Pretend to Know and Are Afraid Someone Will Ask by Lynette Padwa

This book is cute. It is informative. It is full of all the random things that you do in fact pretend to know, but for the most part, don't. It is perfect for the bathroom. In the bath, I mean. Girls don't poop...as we all know...it's in the book...

Here is a little tidbit:
Technically, yes. But if the rest of your diet is unhealthy it won't do you much good.
Let's start with the RDAs - Recommended Dietary Allowances - that cereal boxes list. These are estimates, very broad estimates, of the amounts of essential nutrients a healthy person needs. RDAs are not specific targets everyone must meet. RDAs are not minimal daily requirements; they aren't required allowances at all. They are simply guidelines. Even if you get substantially less of a nutrient than the amount listed on the cereal box, you won't necessarily suffer from a nutritional defeciency.
In fact, unless you have a very restricted diet, you're probably getting all the vitamins and minerals you need in the food you regularly eat. Getting your vitamins this way is better than getting them in cereal (or pill) form because each type of food contains elements that maximize the body's ability to absorb the nutrients it provides. Besides, vitamins and minerals are not the only ingredients that keep a body running smoothly. Fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and other substances are also essential. Some cereals are a good source of fiber; others are a cheap thrill of artificial flavoring and sugar. But no matter how ultrafortified your cereal is, your entire diet must be balanced and relatively healthy. If it is and you can't face the morning without your Trix, go for it. It's a cereal, not a vaccination."
What I heard was,"Technically, yes." Bring on the Lucky Charms!

So, I ate my LCs this morning, and loved them. Now here's a little greeting card I did a couple of weeks ago. Another project with that Doodlebug paper. LOVE IT!! PS: when you trim like this, don't feel like you have to use tiny scissors. I use my Queen Bees, and they work better than any other set I have. Of course, they are now apparently discontinued, so good luck finding a pair...

Thanks for looking. Oh, and be prepared for some changes in this place of blabbing. I've been boring myself lately, so we'll see if I can't shake things up a bit!


Okey Doke...

I have successfully coerced the camera out of Eric's hands today and was able to get some photos of the layouts I did last weekend at Shaver. I'll hopefully have some better ones to show soon.

Me and the gang in High School. Seems like forever ago! This layout and two others are made using one sheet of Doodlebug paper. I trimmed for hours, but I love the result! Oh, and a little Stickles finished the job.

Ever wish you could ctrl-z your way out of things? The only time I've wanted real life to be more Microsoftie.

A mix of Cosmo Lil' Man, Mr. Campy, Snorkel, Early Bird, and Boyfriend lines. Love em!


Some actually crafty people!

Brittny Lejeune.... Paging Miss Lejeune.... Important reality call for Miss Brittny Lejeune... Are you there?

No. I am not. I am eyeball deep in obligatory scrapping and baby paraphernalia making. Not that I am complaining! I love all this crafty-ness. It's just that I can't post any of it yet. The reasons are threefold (In my head right now I see a big wooden crate with a hole on top and three fingers sticking out. You diehard Friends fans know what I'm talkin' bout. Kellie can you hear me?) Anyway, where was I? Ah yes... threefold...

#1: I can't. No lookie until they have been posted on their parent pages. Yes, that means DT work and publishie kinds of stuff.

#2: All of the left-overs are sitting, patiently waiting for their closeups, Mr. DeMille, however Eric has snatched the camera. Snatched it right out of my hands, I say. This is an exaggeration... It's his camera, which I bought him for his birthday a couple of years ago. I have my own. But it's old, and doesn't make the fun sounds that his does and the screen is so small and it's all scratched up. Doesn't he understand that it's perfectly seasoned, and is now retiring in the lap of luxury on the top shelf? Never to be seriously considered for use again? The nerve, I tell ya...

#3: Why post my own work when I could just post links to other crafty blogs. Blogs made by women who have more artyness in their pinky than I do in my whole body. Women who make baby towels with hoods that looks like frogs. Who'da thunk?

Check out them laaadaaays!

The Craft Patch - Lots of cute ideas!
Camilla - One of my fellow Nook DTers - love her style!
JoJo Design - Another Nooker - her jewelry is amazing! Buy some!
Futuregirl - Cute crochet!
Julie Knoblock - Love her cute, quirky style!

I'll attempt to be back soon. Hopefully I finish all the baby stuff today - it's definitely making my ticker tock. NO BABIES! Not yet, anyway. For now I chose to live vicariously through the babies of others. It's perfect...


Gimme some!

I need a little encouragement. I need a little nudge. I need....


Any takers?


I'm really laggin'

Okay, it's been forever, but here's some new layouts! LOVE the Nook's kit - so much to play with!!

Here's the Vacation Travel Log Book I just made this morning:

Here's the Caboose on the Loose layout I did last night:

Phew! I know there were a ton of pics, so thanks for hanging in there with me! If you're not already signed up, go check out the Nook's awesome kit! You can already see add-ons for September's kit - featuring Pink Paislee's Amber Road collection!


Wind Warrior **August HSC Kit**

Look at what I made with the Nook's August kit! Finally, I got some scrapping done!!

If you haven't already got yours, go get one before they're all gone!!
Don't forget to check out the add-ons too, they're pretty awesome!!