Cosmo Cricket DT Entries

Okay, so here's the longest shot ever...

Thanks for looking!!


Two in One

Two layouts in one day! Well... two layouts in a 24 hour period. That's more like it...

I'll be in Palm Springs for a few days - a few scorching days - so I thought that I'd try to get a bit more done. We'll just pretend that I'm usually this good about getting things done - can't hurt, right?

Wish me luck - the heat is my nemesis. I'm as pale as they come though, so a little tanny on the fanny can't hurt.



Okay, so I finally got a burst of creativity.


I love the Girl Friday line by Cosmo Cricket!!



Must be creative. Must be creative. Must be creative.

But I just don't have it in me right now. I think I need to start taking more vitamins. And maybe drink protein shakes. And do yoga. I have the pants already... Maybe that'll give me the boost I need. So much work to do. Must be creative so to get on a design team. It's my goal for the year. Just one. Just one little piece of validation that I didn't waste six years of education. And sixty thousand dollars....

That would be no good.

See!?!?! I can't even stay on one subject for more than 10 seconds. My brain just wanders...



Greeting Card Submissions

*YAY* I'll put them back up after the issue is published!
So, I don't usually do greeting cards, but I am on my "I must get published" quest, so I'm up for anything right now! Here they are!

P.S. If you look close you can see where I totally effed on one of the cards. If you can find it, I'll give you a prize. Hmmm..... I'm thinking my eternal affection will have to do for now. I'm broke...


My Mosh Posh DT Entries!

So here are my two entries for the Mosh Posh Design Team Contest. The first is of my fiance, Eric. He always looks serious, never takes pictures, and very rarely smiles. Not that he's not a jolly guy, you just have to know him to know when it's happening! Wierdo, but I love him!!

Text says: "Sometimes when he looks at me I just melt. It's almost as if he sees something that the mirror doesn't show me. I am always jealous of the lashes on those eyes. They are so long! They are the first thing I noticed when we met for the first time. And I can never tell exactly what is on his mind. But I can always tell when he's thinking hard. His eyes get super blue and far away. It's like you can see the little gears moving inside."

Product Used: CTMH PP, My Mind's Eye PP, KI diecut paper, American Crafts Thickers, Chatterbox Rub-Ons.

And here's the second entry. My sis and her friend. What can I say? They're adorable!

Text says: "These two... They're going to have arthritis big time! But they're awfully cute together! I just don't have the stamina to keep up! Summer 2008."

Product Used: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday PP, Colorbok Stickers, American Crafts Thickers, Chatterbox rub-ons, Heidi Swapp felt butterflies, My Mind's Eye Pirouette journaling Card.
Thanks so much for looking!!
(wish me luck, guys!)


Scrap 'N' The Gang

So, as I drove to Antelope Saturday, I realized three things. 1: I had never met these three women whom I'd be spending the next 24 hours with in a town I'd never been to. 2: I could very well be chopped up into tiny pieces by "them" and stuffed into miscellaneous cropper hoppers and never seen or heard from again. 3: I could end up meeting three really fun, spontaneous, wacky ladies with whom I'd share Big Lots, chocolate, and my sewing machine. I'm happy to report that thing 3 won.

Here's a couple of layouts that I did at Cheryl's.

Thanks for a fun weekend laaaadies!!


POParazzi Jewelry

How cute are these?!?!
Me wants...



It's a Pepsi Kind of Day...

So I'm usually a diet kinda girl, but after last night...
Regular PEPSI all the way. Period.



So I went to almost every BL on my way from Vacaville to Fresno yesterday. It was fun. And I found things. Things I thought I'd never find. Things I had almost given up on. Things that are thicker than stickers and make you look a little lispy. I think you get the hint.

Thanks Melissa, my Thicker Thithter...


Huge Bundles!

If you follow Two Peas at all, you know about the massive Thicker craze at Ohio and Florida Big Lots! If you follow me at all, you know about my massive Thicker envy. I have been to BL (ha! my initials...) every stinkin' day since I saw the first post and nothing! Not a single pack. It's as close to waterboarding as I'll ever get. It literally evokes a physical reaction in me every time I don't see them hanging there.
However, they do have these cute little off-brand chipboard shapes. Three sheets, glitter embossed, $5. I had to buy something...