Yumminess from the Mail Lady

Look what I got yesterday. I love the end of the month - I get all anxiety-ridden in anticipation of getting my Nook kit. I know it's gonna be good. I know it's gonna be different than anything I've gotten before. I know I'm gonna want to shut the drapes and pretend the whole world has gone on hiatus.

This month's kit is full of good stuff - stuff I wouldn't usually pick. TOTALLY NOT my look, but I love it none the less! There are 10 sheets of patterned paper from Graphic 45's "Domestic Goddess" line, 1 sheet of alphabet punchouts, 1 sheet of graphic punchouts, 1 pack of Prima chipboard alphas and coordinating alpha stickers, 1 large Prima canvas-ee sort of flower, 1 pack of 6 Prima vintage canvas-ee type flowers, 1 Making Memories Vintage Findings embellishment pack with tags, leaves, metals, etc., 1 yard, of vintage trimming, 1 yard of azure grosgrain ribbon, 1 pack of Jenni Bowlin note cards, and a huge assortment of coordinating buttons. Phew, that was a mouthfull! In the photo you will also see a few add-ons that I included because, come on, who could say no to them? How much do you love that brown velevet trim? Or those copper paper leaves by Prima? I mean, there are 36 of them in the pack! I'm using some of them on my pages, and leaving some of them out for fall decoration. SOOOO PRETTY!! Oh, and those pearl flourishes are just too good!

So, if you haven't checked out the Nook's kit lately, you just might want to mosey on over there and take a look! An amazing kit for an even more amazing price! I actually had to logon to make sure I didn't get more than I was supposed to - that's how awesomely stuffed this kit is!


The Kitchen Sink, Too.

I hate my kitchen sink. I mean, I love it, but it has one of those little plant-growie ledge things that is so ugly. Good in theory, but it looks so cheap...What are those called? Ugh... So I decided to start a little make-over for it. Not finished with it yet, but I'm liking it so far.
Pre-fab sink window thingie...

So I decided that I wanted to line the bottom with some cute contact paper. But I didn't have any. And I was not leaving the house without straightening my hair. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but those of you who know about my hair know what I'm talking about. It isn't pretty...
So I decided I would use my handy dandy Purple Cows laminator to seal up some cute scrapbooking paper.

It's not really purple, which is weird. It's kind of a magenta color. But I like magenta, so no complaints here!

I cut down three sheets of paper to fit the base of the shelf, ran them through the machine, and then trimmed down the edges. I used some clear packing tape along the underside to attach the edges together, then laid it down on the shelf.

Voila! Instant success. Color. That won't bleed when I inevitably splash water all over the place. Which I will. It's coming along. Now for a curtain so my creepy peepy neighbor can't see me...

The curtain is made out of one of those ridiculous fat girl dresses that Old Navy pushed on us. You know the kind that has a ridiculously tiny boob patch with a circus tent attached to it so that you look like a fairy god mother or the like? Yeah, and they said, "Oh, it looks great with our chunky belt, on sale, for only $14.99!" "On sale, you say? Well, I must get the belt to go with the dress that I really don't think looks good on my 5' size 16 frame. But the skinny girls get away with it and damn it, so will I!" Yeah, that one. Well, I wore it once. In the house. And now it is hanging on a rod in my kitchen. Where it belongs. Made a handy little pre-hemmed curtain, though! Also, I love this detail, and was secretly very proud of myself for adding it. Not such a secret now.

Well that took forever and a couple of chocolates to get through, but it was a fun little project, and a nice change to my usual body of work. "Body" and "Work" out of my mouth, in the same sentence. Ha, that's funny....


What Color Are You & I am Late...

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Boy have I been neglecting this little blog! I forgot all about a super fun little blog hop! Have you heard about the All About Me Challenge Blog? No? Well check it out! It's a brand new challenge blog designed to make you think outside the box, push a little further, and the best of all - scrap about yourself!! It's easy to focus on your family and forget to record all the things that make you you. Here's the What Color are You? challenge layout from me - be sure to check out all the great layouts over at the AAM Blog and don't forget to participate in the Blog Hop Challenge to win a great prize!

Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for some fun new projects - I pinky promise!


My Teenie Tiny

I'm sitting in a teenie tiny room, perched on a teenie tiny spot that gets a teenie tiny signal to give a teenie tiny greeting.

Hi. Happy Friday.


Oh Happy Day!

Well, we're off to Sonora tomorrow to Fall Retreat at Old Oak Ranch.



I have been waiting for this forever! All scrapping, all day, with food, sassy ladies, and maybe even a splash or two in the pool. I am now doing the running man in giddy anticipation.
That said, I'll be MIA until Monday. Just Gilligan, the Skipper and Maryann. Not a single luxury - except AC. Thank GOD for the AC. If you need me, email mommy at Sarah@paisleylane.net - she's got the hookups!

Have a great week(end) everybody!


Cleaning out my closet and necesito mas dinero.

You would not believe the craziness that is my craft room at the present moment. It's a little like being in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium with no cash register. All free for the playing. Only there will never be enough time ever in my entire life to play with this much stuff!

Thus, I have bundled it up for sale. Everything you see in the pictures below is in the first of four different kits I have up for sale.

This one is $25 and there are three of them available.

It includes:
6 Solid Color Cardstock
2 Chatterbox PPs
2 7Gypsies PPs
2 Packs SEI Rhinestone Brads
1 Pack 12" Fabric Sticker Borders
1 Blue Aluminum Alpha Stickers Set
1 Green Felt Alpha Thickers
1 Epoxy Alpha Stickers Set
1 Pack Colored Chipboard Tags
4 Diecut Felt Doilies
2 Sets American Crafts Ribbons
1 American Crafts Felt Shapes
1 Heidi Grace Aluminum Sentiments Stickers
2 Queen & Co Adhesive Diecut Felt Lace
2 Love, Elsie Chipboard Buttons
1 Love, Elsie Alpha Stickers
1 Love, Elsie Stickers Set

Interested? Just leave me a comment saying you want Kit #1!


Martha Stewart Saves My Life or My Scattered Thoughts Are A Little Less Scattered

I don't know about you, but if I don't write my super important thoughts down immediately after thinking them, they will fly out of my head much like my constant "You should go on a diet" thought. That one never sticks. Sometimes I even think it, and then go immediately to the freezer for some Chunky Monkey. I think this is normal.

In order to remember anything that I intend to do, I must write it down and keep it someplace I will always know to look. I used to have a constant grey haze on my hand from all the Sharpie (I love these) reminders I'd scribble on it. But that only worked if I never had to pee. If I peed, then I'd wash my hands - thus grey haze instead of clear reminders.

So, when I found these sweet little lifesavers I snatched them up. Literally, I bought every pack they had. At $1 for three, who could pass them up? Why were they even still on the shelf? Crazy, disorganized Big Lots shoppers... Did they not see the potential?

Anyway, I love 'em! They are small enough to put in my purse (But let's be honest, I could fit a toddler in my purse), solid white paper inside (No pesky lines. And can I tell you I was constantly searching for these all six years I was in school to no avail. Every cute journal on the planet had lines. Figures. argh.) and they are soft-covered with cutesie little designs on them. In a word, they are PERFECT. So I slapped a Thicker title on them and take 'em everywhere with me. Now the only grey haze I see is in the air in Fresno...


This is Great!

I was told not too long ago by a rather cantankerous lady that I am very much a "ME ME ME" person. As well as being "young, overzealous, immature and disrespectful." Which is funny to me. Especially the young part. How do you apologize for that? Those of you who know the situation know what a load it all was. ANYWAY! Hot off the heals of that comedic break I stumbled on a Design Team Call for the All About Me Challenge Blog. I just thought, "Well, I guess that's for me, huh?"

Guess what?

I made it!! So yay for being on the AAM DT - so excited to start a new round of fun challenges with some super amazing ladies. Here they are:

Arlene Camacho
Clair Rigby
April Yap
Kim Tupponce
Mette Kallander
Miranda Wedekind
Janis Medina
Helen Croft
Melissa Elsner - Owner

Congrats to everyone! Looking forward to some fun challenges!