Studio Snapshots

Today's my last reveal day over at Bella Blvd.'s Blog - so sad and exciting at the same time. Today you'll get to see a layout and my scrap space. Be sure to check it out!

Here's my studio:

It's a little embarrassing showing photos of my current studio because everything is just sort of half-unpacked, half-done, and shoved wherever it fits. I was told not to drill/hammer/screw or glue anything to the walls as we're just renting for a little bit until our house is ready, but after a couple months of boring walls I said, "Screw it!" Literally.

This is the space that guests (meaning my Mom, because Eric does his best to stay away from such girliness!) usually sits and jabbers with me, although my hex quilt has been sitting there staring at me for days! I keep all my mementos hidden inside the trunk of the coat rack, and my swiftly shrinking collection of smut novels on top. My magazine rack was a super find for $10, the little dresser was a $3 hard sale discovery from my sis, and the vintage case hold nothing - I just think it's super cute!

Below is my desk/Inspiration place. Careful, don't blink or it will look totally different when you open your eyes! This is where I put together all of my projects, so it is crammed full of those immediate-need sort of things. My favorite thing in the world is my pink lamp and my framed pinchusion! LOVE THAT-and easy to make! The wall below the shelf is a constantly revolving inspiration station. It has everything from great graphics to funny quotes!!! Projects in progress are parked in the 12x12 plastic trays on the right.

Love me my paper rack! Another $3 yard sale find that I have yet to paint. Papers are organized by manufacturer. Thank the Lord (and my future in-laws) for my tabloid printer - where would I be without it?

I keep all of my inks and ribbons in these two wall cubbies and use only Ranger Distress Inks and inexpensive Studio G $1 inks - they do the job!

I put the desk perpendicular to the wall to create another little space for sewing. Another half-finished project - will eventually be yellow to match the bench. Hanging wall storage is from Ikea. This is probably the most versatile system I have. It started out in my kitchen in college, and will eventually hold all of my quilts. For now it is the perfect spot for draping fabrics, aprons-in-progress and future embroidery projects!

Well, that's all, folks! It's small and definitely crammed in there, but I love it all! I am so lucky to have a space that is just for being crafty. I am a happy lady!

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!


Another Nook Layout

Love my my Nook kit! You know me, I'm an October Afternoon, Cosmo Cricket, Bella Blvd kind of girl. Love the cutesy stuff. But gotta say, I'm loving Lily Bee. So not me. Not me at all. But I am having such a great time playing and challenging myself to be something different. That's what's so great about the Nook - you just never know what's around the corner. There's something so refreshing about that!

Here's my latest layout using Audrey, one of Lily Bee's new lines that just so happens to be the featured line in this months kit. Check it out!


Bella Blvd, Sneaky Peeky, and Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate.

Monday began my Bella Artista week over at the Bella Blvd. Blog. Have you checked the Blvd out? It's amazing - complete with cute mini mascot and everything!

Anyway, I found out a few months ago that I would have the honor of serving as a guest designer and that a bundle of goodies would be on its way for me to complete some super fun projects. What a bundle of goodies - so many fun and adorable papers, stickers, and the Blooms a Bella? So stinkin' cute!

Today at Bella they are featuring a project I did as a memorial to my cat. Yes, I am a cat person. But I love me a good dog, too - just ask Eric. Kona, you can live at my house any old time you feel like it! I digress...

The challenge presented to me was to make a page with hearts and butterflies using the Flirty collection. Now, you may be wondering how such a feminine collection fits a male cat named Lucifer. I understand. It's a little strange. Well, somehow he always managed to find my "pretty things" and plop right down on them. Anything from the one and only pretty bra I own (cuz let's face it, getting these girls in anything less that an industrial strength harness made by some German company called Olga is a near impossibility) to stretching out right on top of a frilly, pink, glittery layout was fair game for him. I figured that since he always wanted to be around the pretty things, the Flirty collection was just perfect for him! Oh, and for clarification, it's Lucifer as in "Lucifer, come here! You mean ol thing..." Cinderella style - no satanic undertones. Promise.

Here he is:

Anyway, be sure to check out Bella, take a look at some of the amazing projects the other Bella Artistas have done, and if you love it all as much as I do, be sure to tell your LSS about them!

In other news, I am quickly finishing up my very first mini-from-scratch. Scrappers Depot in Napa is letting me play with the beautiful Earth Love collection from Cosmo Cricket. I'm mixing in bunches of other fun stuff, too. Fabrics, laces, burlap ricrac, a host of fun punches, and you might even find some chocolate in there. Because let's face it - it's necessary.

The mini is called "My Great, Full List." It's currently about three inches thick and is only getting bigger. (That's what she said - I know you Office people hear me!) The class will be offered mid-November - I'll let you know more when I know more!

Oh, and the chocolate I mentioned? Well, I made six dozen chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Why six dozen, you ask? Well, we bought butter at Costco, and it was just sitting there... I haven't made them in about six months because the 100 or so batches I made before that all turned out crappy. I gave up, declared there would be no more chocolate chip crappies in this house! And yesterday the temptation was just too great...

They turned out good, in case you were wondering. DF tood three dozen to the office today. Hopefully I don't eat the other three dozen before he gets home tonight. I've had three for breakfast so far... Seems balanced to me.



Check this out!

Not sure what's up with my pic, but oh well!


Green Tangerines Handmade Headquarters "Stuff"

I've been working like crazy to get a few things ready for Green Tangerine's Handmade Headquarters call. You know, handmade is time-consuming!

Just because I couldn't think of a better way to get these images all lumped together in one place, I made a whole new blog for them. Overkill, but hey, it worked! And this way, you'll know when there are new goodies up for grabs.

So, Green Tangerinies - here you go!


The Nook's November Kit


It's filled with all kinds of scrappy goodness - featuring Audrey, by Lily Bee. Take a look!

Here's a layout I did with the kit.

Be sure to check out the gallery over at the Nook for more inspiration! If you haven't already, be sure to register for the message board, too. There's always fun things going on there, including kit classes and a fun new Quote of the Week challenge. You never know, there just might be some prizes to give away, too!


I Used to be Normal

Or at least I like to think so...

Here's my layout for the All About Me Challenge Blog:

Click on the layout for a more detailed view - these rainy days are not conducive to good picture-taking!


Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don't!

I went in to my studio today, saw these happy little flowers I got at that sale in Winters the other day, and thought, "Today I will make something pretty."

That said, my desk is covered. With crap, mostly. And I don't mean that figuratively - I mean that everything I've been working on at my desk is total and utter sh!t. Almond Joy had it right - sometimes you do, and sometimes you don't. Today, I don't. I have managed to put my hand on every single drying piece, spill Glossy Accents, apply the wrong glitter, cut the wrong paper, and it's only 11:45am. There's still so much of this day left to screw up.

On the bright side, I just stumbled on something kinda fun! I submitted a while back, and the little bugger just crept right up on me!

Also, be sure to check out the All About Me Blog tomorrow for a brand new challenge - it's a good one!


"Well Sally," said Ned, "I think this is the end of our road. It's been real, babe."

Poor lobsters. Poor decapitated lobsters. Poor delicious lobsters. This was the messiest, tastiest, almost-bloodiest, butteriest meal I've ever had. Joe's Crab Shack in Old Sacramento is now a tradition for Mom and I. We went there last year after the Scrapbook Expo, and there's just something about sitting out on the deck with the bridge bell ringing, pigeons pecking at your feet hoping for some stray scrap of crab to fall into their mouths, and the servers constantly breaking into dance that just made the day complete. Probably not so appealing for Sally and Ned.

After lunch we drove up to Rocklin for the Green Tangerines sale, and of course I forgot my $5 gift certificate. Such a "me" thing to do... Did you know they're having a call for crafty people? They're going to be launching a new section of the store dedicated to handmade crafters. Think Etsy - that's what it'll be like. If you're interested, go here to take a look and don't forget to download the application form - it's due the 25th of this month! Get crafting, peeps! And you never know, maybe you'll be seeing some Paisley Lane goodies in there, too.

Oh! Went to Winters today to scope things out and found this public sale for charity. How much do you love towns that come together to support a cause? I got 100 yards of pink lace for $1 and I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

More to come tomorrow. Oh, and that fun news I said to look out for today got canceled at the last minute. This sounds bad but is oh so exciting - you'll see why next Thursday. Promise this time - I think...


Exciting news and is it just me or is "wet" the current theme?

Yay! I just found out that I get a little something exciting on October 17th! Be sure to check out Scrapbook News & Review's Blog to find out what it is! It's been pushed back a few times, so now I'm positively chomping at the proverbial bit to see what's in store for me!

Also, what's the deal with this, eh? The Weather Channel forecasted (and still is) "light rain and windy" which I think you'll find to be a total crock! It's freezing, raining buckets, my neighbor's tree is like limp broccoli being held under a faucet, and all I want to do is go get the mail. Damn central boxes! There isn't enough plastic in the world right now to keep me dry out there. Hmmmm... maybe I can bribe a passerby... Oooh! Kids walking home from school - they're already wet! Now I just have to find an appropriate amount of candy...

That layout up there is one I don't think I've posted before - don't know why... But today is making me all reflective and nostalgic, so maybe that's why it turned up.


A new do, and some grapes, too.

Like the new look? I'm all kinds of Hallow's Eveee right now. Want to string up spider webs and get pumpkins, and get a-carvin'. Yeah, punpkin seeds sound mighty tasty, too.

Went to St. Helena with the girls yesterday - lots of fun! The vineyards are already starting to turn this beautiful shade of red - can't wait to see it in full swing in a few more weeks!

Here's my latest fun fall food - Butternut Squash Gnocci
Looks like hell, but mmmmm mmmm good!

Mash 2 cups mashed butternut squash, add 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp each white pepper & nutmeg, and 3 - 3.5 cups flour until it looks like this.

Divide the dough in half, roll into 3/4" rope, and cut into 1/2" pieces. Sprinkle a bunch of flour onto a cookie sheet, and put the cut pieces there until ready to boil.

Boil salted water and drop pieces in, maybe 10 at a time. After about 4 minutes, they will rise to the top. Let them sit for another 30 seconds, then remove them with a slotted spoon.

Add about 4 tbsp melted butter, a bit of salt and pepper, and 1/2 cup parmesan cheese.

Looks a bit like a brain, but tastes way better...


Today starts with Katie Pizza

Which is sliced french bread with spaghetti sauce and cheddar cheese, all melty ooey-gooey. YUM. My sis used to make it all the time, thus, Katie Pizza.

Anyway, thanks so much for the nice comments to my post yesterday. One thing to clarify, though, is that my childhood really was happy for the most part. Awesome mom and sis were always there, and we got each other through it all. And when he was good, he was great, except for when he wasn't. I do have a lot of good memories mixed in with the bad ones of him.

ANYWAY! Did you see the All About Me Challenge Blog yet? This challenge is Pigeon-holed: Have you ever been? The designers have posted all of their layouts, and they are pretty awesome! Check it out! Here's mine:

Journaling Reads:
"I wear the pants" That's what everyone assumes. That I'm tough, always in control of the situation. NOT TRUE. This is probably the biggest reason I love Eric. He lets me be the girl in the picture, while he's the tough guy.

Thanks for looking and have a super fantastic ooey-gooey kind of day!


Starting High, Ending Low

It took me four tries to type the title correctly - does that tell you about my day? Meh... It started at 5:30 this morning which is basically the middle of the night to me. Anything after midnight and before 8am is a coma blur. Eric had to be at the Sacramento airport at 7:30 this morning so he could go to Vegas today. Sounds fun, but not for him. After he left I was so jittery at being conscious before 8 slash nervous about Eric being in the air that I couldn't get back to sleep. So I stayed up.

It was good. I got all kinds of things done. Including this layout, which has an R rating for some potty language. Beware.

On a serious note, though, it's a topic that I've always wanted to explore but have been hesitant about. Yes, my dad was/is an alcoholic and though I haven't had any regular contact with him for several years now, his addiction is something I live with everyday. As a teen there was always the lure of drinking parties that I staunchly resisted because of the negative results of alcohol that I had witnessed firsthand. It always scared me a little that I might become dependent on it, the way my dad did. I wanted to have fun, just like everyone else, but what if?? Then in college I began to have exposure to "casual drinkers" and came to realize that alcohol did not equal bad so long as you handled yourself responsibly and only drank in moderation. I learned what I could handle, when to say no, and remarkably, have come out unscathed. I actually feel like a much stronger person because of all of the crap he put us through - it makes it much easier to pick my battles, knowing what's worth it and what's not, and staying calm in the face of disaster. I had my mom and sis through it all and without that who knows where I'd be... Not scrapbooking, that's for sure!

On a lighter note - I know, thank GOD, you're saying - yesterday was a mini milestone for this new season: Converse Day Numero Uno! Anyone who knows me knows I live in flip flops - always have - but at even the slightest hint of a thought of a chill in the air, flash bang on go the "real" shoes! Love em love em love em! And I need a new pair...hint....hint...

Also, tomorrow is a new challenge day over at the All About Me Challenge Board! It's a pretty good one, too, so take a look at what we designers have come up with and get ready to scrap!

Okay, loooong day for me, topped off with Eric forgetting he asked for a "big" dinner tonight and eating with the guys instead, then coming home for 2.7 seconds before leaving to go to the shop to work on his car. Grumble moan harumph.... Off to eat cold pasta. Carbs. Dinner. Finally. OOOOH!! And Jeff's on tonight! YAY!


Not So Apple Spice To Me

SO I baked the bread, which if you'll remember was supposed to be muffins. It smelled great, looked great - notice the shiny glazed look of the top of the loaf? Who wouldn't want to eat that?
Although, if I'm being honest, it does look a little like meat loaf with apples on top. In person, your mouth would have watered. I cooked the apples in sugar and honey and oh man... them. apples. is. tasty.

The bread, though, not so tasty. Not bad, exactly, just sort of meh... I was expecting to bite into all the warm gooieness of autumnal baked goods, but there was a definite lack of that cinnamon/spiciness.... Will not let this get me down. Will persevere. With more pizazz. And cinnamon, definitely more cinnamon.


Love in the oven

I am making apple cinnamon muffins. Well, they're supposed to be muffins, but that was not conducive to putting stewed apples on top, so now they're small apple cinnamon bread loaf thingies.

My house. Smells. Divine. Like heaven. Correction: Like autumn, wrapped up in Grammy's quilt, with chicken soup and pumpkin spice lattes and curling red leaves and scarves. Oh scarves, I am so ready for scarves.

So ready I felt the need to blog about it.

More tomorrow.


So I moved to Vacaville about six months ago, and I must say, that I love it. Didn't think I would, but I really do. We've got everything you need. My biggest fear about living in the Bay Area was that I would have to take the freeway to get anywhere, but I have put that fear away. The only problem is its lack of a great little scrapbooking store. We have Michael's and Jo-Ann's, but let's face it - they're just not the same. They don't know your name when you walk in the door, and they don't know the difference between a brad and an eyelet or how to set either of them!

The solution to this crisis? Scrappers Depot in Napa! It's an awesome store! It's run by Donna White, who I must say is one of the nicest scrappy people I have ever met! She's always so nice and smiling and every time I talk to her I come away feeling like I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggon it - peole like me! She has just recently taken over the store and let me tell you, she has made some super fantastic changes and if you haven't been by to check it out, you are MISSING OUT!

Not only is she bringing in some fantastic products, she also has a wonderful network of incredibly talented designers teaching some of the best classes! Check them out!

Here's a layout I just completed for Scrappers Depot. It's part of a kit that I designed for them featuring Doodlebug's new Halloween line! Gotta love those glitter stickers!

Also coming soon to SD is this Halloween Class featuring Twilight - Pink Paislee's new Halloween line. It comes with a TON of product to make two one-page layouts and a super cute greeting card. We'll be learning some new techniques with stitching, inking, and distressing. I'll be teaching it on October 15, at 6pm. Sign up soon, because seats are limited and you won't want to miss out!