A bit more.

Here's a few more snapshots of CHA.

This is at the GCD booth. We made cute little necklaces using Melody Ross's new line of lovelies. I pretty much figure than any craft that involves hammering or intense metal of any kind is totally worth the time it takes. Hey, if you don't burn your fingers in the process, it's just not the kind of memory worth sticking around.

Can I just say that my mom did a way better job than me? I hate make-n-takes. HATE them. I get all nervous and impatient and totally convinced that I'm going to screw it up. And I did. Hence, no photo of my necklace. But my mom's totally turned out great - her make-n-takes always do.

And below is a shot of the new vintage jewelry line by Jill Schwartz for Making Memories. Looks sorta Anthropology-ish, doesn't it? Yeah, that's cuz Jill is the best designer ever. Can't even begin to tell you how much I love it. LOVE IT. I did their make-n-take, and am proud to say that it actually did turn out very well. Can't wait to see where this line is picked up.

Okay, now you're probably wondering who this guy is in the photo, huh?
Well, that's Dan Nelson, CEO of Making Memories. And boy, is he a cutie. Sweet, sparkle in his eye, loves his wife, and just plain adorable. Just look at all the half-crazed women buzzing around him! My mom certainly thought he was a doll. Mrs. Nelson, you are one lucky lady!!

Well that's all for now. More later.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Okay, so I am severely delinquent in posting the rest of my CHA pics. Problem is looking at this screen and its migraine-inducing brightness. A week of being "on" has done me in! I'll post the rest as soon as I can muster some energy, but for now, here's some snapshots of the fun album we made at Donna Downey's class. I actually learned that I loooove iron-ons and love painting on canvas even more!

Be sure to check back Monday for more good stuff!


I could cry...

Guess who forgot her SD card today. Yeah. Responsible little me. Sorry, girls - Pink Paislee was cute! I want it all! I'll try my best to sneak back to get some good photos tomorrow night.

For now I am crashing as I have to be up at 5:30am for Donna Downey's Canvas Creations class at 7. Can't wait!! And to be honest, I am totally intimidated.

Wish me luck!

Day 2 was no fun, so how about Day 3 instead?

By the time I made it back to my room last night, all I had energy for was sleeping. And even that was exhausting. Not that I'm complaining - it was so much fun to get a little sneak peek of all my favorite lines pre-show messiness. Sort of like seeing someone's studio when it's a trashy dirty disaster - candy bar wrappers and nasal spray and deeply disorganized stacks all strewn about... I might have a few little voyeuristic tendencies....

I'm just gonna post a few pics of my favorite booths so far. It's so pathetic - we spent all day in one of the four rooms. ONE. As in it took us eight hours to look at maybe 20 booths. It was intense... I can't tell you the look on the newbie's faces when they realized how big the actual show floor was. "You mean this isn't it?" "There's more?" "And we only have two and a half more days?!?"

One of my favorite booths today was, of course, American Crafts. And no, your screen is not distorted - it's like a 40 mile long booth. And it was filled with new, gorgeous, gotta-have-it product! Like the stitched albums, and everyone's new fave, Dear Lizzy.

Now seriously, I have to be honest. I'm a pretty down to earth girl. I like heels, cute flouncy blouses, pencil skirts, bangle earrings and frills just as much as the next girl, but honey, I am not wearing no stinkin' 3" heels at CHA. I mean come on! Hi, my name is Lizzy and I am gorgeous and crafty and fully endorsed. And oh yeah, I can wear these shoes for hours on end and not fall over. I mean, what is that!?!?! It almost makes me sick (not jealous, no never). I didn't take a picture with her because, well, I think that's a little tacky to take a picture with someone you have no shared memories with. And it must be so awkward to be that person with your arm around some creeper you've never met carting around 25 free Making Memories bags filled with every possible make 'n' take on the planet. Okay, that's just a whole other rant. Notice I said "whole other" because that's how you say it. "Nother" is not a word, people. But that's just yet another rant. I'm feeling ranty tonight. Oh crap, it's officially tomorrow morning now. Maybe that explains it...


Here's the Bella Booth. I got almost nothing but crappy pics today, and the booth was constantly filled with people, so I got a pretty darned crappy pic of Bella Blvd. I'll go back tomorrow night after the retailers leave and snap some better photos of my favorite booths. Like G45 - oh baby oh baby - that is a sexy beast of a booth. It's like being in a French boutique - I gushed.

Here are a couple of the projects that I have in the Bella Booth. I couldn't get photos of them all because there were just to many crazy chicks in there, and apparently my "get the fu&K out of my way" vibes were neither strong nor intimidating enough to get them to skedaddle. Is that spelled right?

That's my DF up there. I texted him a photo and I think he's now officially mortified. It'll be the first scrapbooking event he's attended... And PS - buy this line! It's called Man of the House and it is amazing! Such an awesome line for the guys and still so versatile, I dare say even pretty.

This is a layout I did using the Estate Sale Line - so vintage, so pretty!

This is how packed full the entire booth was - so many amazing projects to see! Be sure to check out the blog and take a look at the new display frames they've got, too.

And now for my very favorite booth in the world. Not much to it, but that's what was so cool. You saw everything you needed to, including Julie, Eric, Lindsay and Natasha, and every single project on display was the very best quality you could ever expect. Simple and straightforward.

Material Girl was the only good shot out of the bunch - my camera is seriously acting up.

Here's a fun (well maybe not for the little cherub) layout displayed in the booth using Material Girl. Love it!

And seriously, check out these flowers on this little box of heaven... Are those the cutest things you've ever seen!?

And now for the one you've been waiting for...

Trouble is, you'll be waiting for a little while longer. The lighting over the October Afternoon was not exactly conducive for fantastic photo-taking, and combined with my crappy cam, you get some not so amazing photos. I'll do my best to get some more!

How cute is this display? Seriously, though, that kid is like the Mona Lisa - I couldn't escape it's little gaze.

See?! He's totally give us the "eye" and quite frankly, he's a little creeper...Play with your dog, kid, jeez!

Oh, by the way you Nook peeps, that's Charity. What a sweetie! And we made the cutest little make 'n' take pin! I just look weird...

Here's some of the paper from the Fly A Kite line. I am in looove!

Here's a few cute little projects at the booth.

Here are some of the papers from the new Thrift Shop line. Again, I have the crappiest pics ever of the whole display, so this is whatcha get! Hard to see all the detail, but let me just say, YUM!

Okay, that's all for now. Tomorrow is more of a work day for me, so I'll do my best to get as many new photos up as I can. Let me know if there's anything specific you want to see and I'll try to deliver!

Oh, I put in an order at Maya Road... MR + Cosmo + Ranger = A YUMMY NEW MINI BOOK KIT FOR SALE SOON! Can't wait to show you!!


Day 1

Ok, so we're here. After hours of driving in some incredibly disgusting weather. We had rain, we had wind, we had hail... we had fun! Since the Grape Vine was closed, we had to detour around through Mojave and since we were all feeling a little woosie and pukey we decided that surely the best cure would be to stop and have milkshakes, malts, and french fries.

Can I just say, these were the BEST french fries I've ever had. Ever. I don't want to think about what they were dipped in prior to being fried or what kind of animal fat they were fried in for that matter, but oh... YUM. De-lish-us!

This is what the hotel parking lot looked like. Apparently SEI likes the Holiday Inn... Yeah, all three trucks are SEI. Are you excited to see that booth now? I am! THREE trucks?!? I wonder how many trucks EK Success is bringing...

So, crappy picture, but this is what the drive up to the convention center looks like. Good thing I'm a handitard - I got to park extra close so we didn't have to freeze completely to death, just a little to death...

We saw lots of fun booths today, and of course I forgot to take a pic with Amber at her booth with her new paper lines - and ooooh! are they cute! I can't wait to work with them!

We did get a pic with these two lovelies - Angela and Michelle of Unity Stamps. They have a new venture called Ippity, and man, they are great. Super high quality stamps, amazing designs, and they are fun! We must have stayed for an hour blabbing at Michelle, poor thing. But here's some good news - I'll now be using the entire new collection to make some awesome projects, and, drum roll, please - you'll be able to buy them right here through my blog! These lines aren't available in stores so stay tuned to see all of the fun designs! I'll post more on this after CHA.

More tomorrow. But no promises - it's gonna be a dooooooozy of a day, and let's face it, I might just come back and pass out on the floor in a heap of scrappy overloadediness. It's a word - as of now.


Let there be rain....

And there was. But it was not so good....

We're heading out the door to Anaheim! Yup, 5 solid hours of funner than fun driving to CHA today, although boating might be more appropriate at this point...

Wish us luck!

I'll post pics as often as I can!


L is also for I'm Late....

Sorry people! What can I say... I'm blonde.

Well, sorta....

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:39:00 AM PST

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Isn't that a great deal?!

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Random is Good!

Life is good. Life with the DF is even better. And no Grammy, I am not referring to the Dumb Fu$k. I am talking about my Dearest most Darling Fiancee. Randomly he went to the store and came back with roses. This almost never happens. I mean, I always get flowers on special occasions. And not just one boquet - he usually gets me three, and hides them throughout the house. Yes, ladies, he can be a doll. He can also be a royal pain in the ass more often than not. But sometimes... well, sometimes he is just a doll. It helps, I suppose, that he has guilt about going out of town in search of car parts tomorrow. Whatever, I'm not complaining! My studio smells delish, I get to be crafty aaaaallllll day tomorrow, and I can crank up the heat to temperatures that would otherwise cook the poor guy.

Yes, life is good!

So, Herman (the rock I've been living under) just up'd and walked away today, leaving me to discover the wonders of Pioneer Woman. Yeah, I know - where have I been? Well, under Herman, like I said. Anyway, I've been practicing tonight a little bit and I am having sooo much fun! Love the little actions I used on my photo up there, and the possibilities are endless!

In other news, I just thought I'd remind you (both of you) to check back here on Tuesday to see if you've won that amazing kit I'm giving away from The Scrapbook Nook!! I'll be randomly drawing a winner first thing Tuesday morning, so be sure to poke your head in here to see if you're the lucky lady!

Have a great weekend!


Scrapbook Nook Blog Hoppiness!!

Welcome to the Scrapbook Nook Design Team's blog hop! If you're landing here by coincidence, I must say, you should definitely start this hop at the very beginning - a very good place to start. Hop on over to Leah Killian's blog, Life As Lou, and I'll see you soon!

Well, I hope you're enjoying the hop so far!! How about Lynn's little goodies?! She has so many fun things to peek at! Prepare yourself, because this is the
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Anyway, I'm glad you found your way here - there's lot
s to talk about and I guess I should start with a little bit about me.

My name is Brittny Lejeune (yes, it's spelled that way) and I live in Vacaville, California. I'm a recent transplant from San Luis Obispo, California (and I miss it like crazy) where I got my bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture, worked as a graphic designer, and met my soon-to-be ball and chain...ehem... I mean the love of my life, Eric. After I graduated I was introduced to a lovely little economy where jobs for Landscape Architects don't exist and as a result I am now officially a stay-at-home fiance pursuing my love of scrapbooking.

I co-own a small scrapbooking studio in Fresno, California with my mom, Sarah, where I have been teaching classes and hosting small crops for the last couple of years. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of smut novels and chocolate and look forward to the day when I have a house full of kids to keep me from enjoying both.

Recently I've begun working with a repping firm in Northern California - MILLSREPCO - and am having the time of my life! How many people get to say, "Oh, I'm sorry - I'd love to meet you for brunch, but I have a conference call this morning with 7 Gypsies." Yeah, life is good!

I am so honored and excited to be on the Nook's design team. You won't find a more talented group anywhere! I have had an amazing term so far and I hope I can stay around forever!

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This kit includes: 12 double-sided Pink Paislee Cupid papers

1 Set of Maya Road Kraft envelopes
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1 Yard of brown velvet trim from American Crafts
1 Yard of lovely lace trim from Prima
2 Making Memories Heart Pins
1 Set of Bracket chipboard from Scenic Route
1 Set of Butterfly chipboard from Scenic Route
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So, are you thoroughly wowed and excited and salivating for this kit yet? I sure am, and I've had TONS of fun working with it!

Here's a layout I did using the kit. Yup, don't adjust your screen folks, that is in fact Maggie, Leah's little girl you're looking at. I gotta say, not having your own set of cute little doe-eyed googly-face cherubs is really detrimental to one's scrappyness.

Here's another little project I made, perfect for holding all of those darling Valentine's you'll be getting from your lovey doveys this year! I used the Scenic Route chipboard butterflies to make this little holder - just glue on some paper, sand the edges and attach a mini clothes pin to the back of each one!

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