Oops! Almost forgot Freebie Friday!

Well, sort of. It's not really a Freebie Friday this week, more of a general announcement to all of you who have confided in my mom that you didn't feel like you should comment because you thought it might be unfair. And there's many of you, I'm finding out! For shame! Of course you can post - I love hearing from everyone!! I don't pretend to get winners from a random number generator - none of this totally-by-chance winner stuff! I want winners who put in effort! I want inspiration! I want to be entertained! I want.... a margarita! And my mom does, too, she says.

So that's all for now. Leave comments. Make me feel like I have friends! Win away! I like giving presents, to friends and strangers alike!

I'll leave this open until next Friday, and I just may add some more fun stuff to that box - you never know with me. ;)

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Best Creation blog hop that's starting today. There's lots of fun projects, and if you're having withdrawals from Freebie Friday already, there some fun new collections to win, too!

Have a great weekend!!

Summertime Hop!

This post is wonkily spaced. Blogger is freaking out. Blanket apology!

Well, even though Mother Nature isn't cooperating, we felt that it was time to bring in a little summer sunshine with some great projects for you!

So grab your suntan lotion and a towel and

get ready for a fun Summertime Hop to get some great ideas
to get caught up with old summer photos and lots of ideas
for inspiring you for this summer too!!

Our first stop on this weekend hop is to Liz's blog and then

off to a idea-packed hop with the rest of the team

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Brittny Kvilhaug

Here's a project I whipped up using the Splash Fun line. I thought it would be lots of fun to send out an invitation to a swim party on the back of the flipflops - these are so easy and fun to make!

To keep the kiddies quenched, here's a decorated water bottle, complete with umbrella and flavored drink mix, tucked into the bow.

Then send them on their way with a few treats in this candy tube.

Did I mention that I used a TON of Helmar glue on this? I LOVE the Liquid Scrap Dots!

Well that's all for now! Have a great weekend!


Freebie Friday and a Winner!!


So here we are. Friday already. Have seven days really passed? Wow.

Well, this week is my sister's 23rd birthday, so I packed my bags and headed home to Mamala's to celebrate, and as we speak, we are all huddled around the living room watching that new Harry Potter movie. Honestly, I couldn't be less interested. I know. But I just can't get into kids with wands. I mean, if I'm going to invest that much time of my life into reading the books and standing in line for 82 hours to see the midnight showing of each movie, there had better be a sexy Highland warrior in there somewhere, and Hagrid doesn't exactly do it for me...


I guess you want to know who the winner is, don't you? You want to know who gets all those yummy Bella Blvd goodies I showed you last week. I know. So I guess I'll tell you:

Blogger Natalie said...

hey hey Britt! hope your finger is doing better! im working on hannahs FIRST birthday invitations currently and scrapbooking every time i get a chance now that ive got a brand new job! :)
p.s. i blogged about your give away and im gonna post it to facebook! yay! have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011 6:19:00 PM PDT

Congrats, girl! Just email me at brittnykvilhaug@yahoo.com with your address, and I'll get the box out to you asap!

So now are you ready for this week's Freebie? I bet you are, you sassy little ladies!

***Scroll down to the bottom of the page to pause the music!***

Can't wait to see all the inspiration you send me!!

Happy Friday!


#1: It's now Friday night, so my plans of getting this done early are clearly dashed. UGH.

#2: I have no door handle on my studio door. I know...

#3: My husband is at a drag race in Bakersfield, which is why he's too busy to put the door handle on my door... BIG eye roll.

#4: I like to bitch about my husband not doing things for me that I can clearly do myself. BUT he does it so much better!!! And he uses that excuse for cooking, cleaning and laundry so why can't I use it for piddily household repairs?!?! Literally, the man has done like, three loads of laundry in his entire life. And he's admitted that he just can't mentally process the thought of doing it. He actually said that if I'm on bed rest, we'll just have to go without clean clothes. I think he'd rather that I just order new ones than force him to doll out detergent. They say and do the weirdest things, don't they?

#5: It's marginally warm in my house, so I've decided I need a margarita. Nighty night!


Oh me. Oh my.

Well, it's been an interesting last 6 days, I'll say that much.

Last Tuesday, I was innocently sitting in my studio, working on a SRM's Summer CHA class projects and all of a sudden I hear a CRASH BANG BOOM from the other room. That rhymed...

So, I went to investigate. A mirror and one of my very favorite antique Ball jars that were just perfectly perched on the fireplace mantle were the CRASH BANG BOOM that I heard, and I was flummoxed. How on earth did that happen?!? And then I saw it. Slithering. Yes, that's right. Slithering. Across the mantle.


I ran out of the house, sure that I would find a man in a cape with a dead snake emblem emblazoned on his chest, just waiting to slay the little creeper on my mantle. But no. He was off saving other, skinnier, prettier damsels. Bitches...

So I ran back inside and called the hubby. Voicemail. "Justwantedtoletyouknowthere'sasnakeonthemantleandi'mallalone. Callmeback."
Mom. "Hiiiiii sweetie."
"There's a snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!!!"
Mom. "Whaa?"
"A snaaaaaaaake."
Mom. "Wha?"
Then I proceeded to explain the situation and she sat with me the whole time via speakerphone on the coffee table, as I navigated the broken glass with a broom, trying to coax it onto the end of said broom, thinking in my head that I would fling that slimy little bastard out the back door, past the gazebo, over the chicken coop, and into nevergobacktothatwoman'shouse land.

But it didn't happen that way. It happened in much the same way that every cartoon granny chases a household pest out the back door with a broom. And then I chopped it's head off with a shovel. That's the part they leave out of the granny cartoon. She's nicer than me. I mean, I respect the snake's right to life. They're good for the ecosystem and all that. Eat the mice. Blah blah blah. But not in my effin' house!!!!

So that was Tuesday.

Wednesday the refrigerator repairman finally showed up (after two months of waiting for our replacement part) and ten minutes later called me over to tell me that the part that he had was broken. Lucky for me, Eric was home that day because I fear I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself from hurling the nearest snake at his head because I want my two thousand dollar, six month old refrigerator to work, damn it! UGH.

Then on Thursday I woke up as usual when Eric turned the shower on. I rolled over, thought, "I love his cute little butt," and then decided I'd check my email while I waited for my turn. I grabbed my iPhone, thought that it was odd that the battery died, and realized that no, it's just not turning on. It's throwing a tantrum. Apple....

So I ran to plug it into my laptop to magically fix it, because it was surely just an update that it needed to be revived. Surely just something that I was being delinquent about. Couldn't possibly be an Apple problem. That never happens. And since my life depends on my phone, there was no possible way that it wouldn't be okay after it updated.

But no. It was a shootmeintheface kind of morning. And then a shootmeintheface kind of day when I realized that not only do I not have my phone, I don't have any of my phone numbers and can't leave the house, because I won't be able to access the email I was expecting that day that would have to be responded to immediately. I mean really...how did it come to this?

So after two trips to the Verizon store, a new phone was on it's way to me. The impending four whole days of no smart phone were daunting.

National Scrapbooking Day.
Thank GOD! Mama came up to our house so we could go to the Scrapgrlz crop in Los Gatos for Mother's Day. So ready for fun. And fun we had! Until I tried to open a paint dauber bottle with scissors and wound up stabbing myself in the finger. Blood literally spurted all over my table. But missed my white shirt. Phew...

After several minutes of trying to get the blood to stop, the resident EMT and nurse said that I would definitely have to get stitched up. So down the hill we headed to the hospital where I was told I'd have a twoandahalfhourwait!!!!! A what? Twoandahalfhours!! So I decided we'd better go to Chevy's for dinner. And margaritas. Mostly margaritas. So worth it.

Went back to the hospital and wound up with no stitches, just steri-strips and glue and a tetanus shot. Double phew...

Back to the crop just in time for everyone to pack up and leave. Such a bummer. But still a good day, all in all.


The Fedex man showed up at my door way earlier than I expected which was great. The chip that was in my replacement iPhone is not so great. So now I have to wait two more days to get another one. Seriously, I'd rather stab myself in the finger again...

So that's the recap of the last week for me.

Looking forward to Freebie Friday this week. A big winner and a new giveaway!!
Be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win. Facebook it if you want another entry!

Was that post long enough for you? Jeez. I'm beat. Nighty night!


Friggin' Freebie Friday....

Is just gonna have to be a Freebie Next Friday.
I have had a no good, very bad last couple of days, thanks to my iphone, and am sooooo looking forward to the National Scrapbooking Day crop at Shell's tomorrow! I'm even gonna just give away both sizes of that Best Creation paper. No choosing necessary. I'll announce the winner next Friday, and in the mean time, leave me another comment to win. Thrill me. Cheer me. Make me stand up and say, "I am a strong, independent woman, who will not be defeated by her iphone!"

Big kiisss...muuuuuuuaaaaah! (in a Maggie Smith, Ya-Ya kind of way.) Those of you who've seen Ya-Ya know what I'm talkin' about, and those of you who haven't, SHOULD!!

Have a great weekend!