Check it out!

I'm baaaaaack! It's been totally insane here, but we are one step closer to having a REAL house! CARPET!!!! Oh, sweet carpet. Lovely, fluffy, new, pristine carpet. Love it!

On to more exciting things!

If you haven't seen the new challenge posted over on the Noel Mignon Challenge blog, be sure to check it out. Here is the inspiration photo I chose to use! I'm not much of a plaid person, I must admit, but I'm liking that kick of red in there with those neutrals and pale blue!

Anywho, here is my layout for this week's challenge. I loved the inspiration colors that Greta came up with! What an awesome idea!

This layout is the first in a great big series of layouts I'm gonna be doing about the new house. And since we'll be working on this place until the day we die, that's gonna be one big series!

I used the Sweet Sue Kit (hurry, only 12 left!) along with some goodies from my own stash. I LOVE that calendar journaling tag - what a great base for a title, huh?

I have been on an accordion flower binge lately, and decided to make a banner with them instead this time. I used the Basic Grey Adrian paper from the kit for those, and the star pins (minus the pokey part!) for the tops. Be sure you use a glue gun on these, they get a little wild!

So go on and see what you come up with! Me? I'm gonna go lie on the new carpet. And stroke it. And profess my love. Squishy squishy carpet.....


Hangin' in there...

Okay peeps. I'm here. Sorta. Today is the first day that I am home at 11 am.


But I must clarify that I am only home right now, and not back at the Winters house repainting my soon-to-be studio (another story, another time) because Eric has hijacked my car. And I am therefore totally and completely on my own. I'm refraining from handling sharp objects, chewing gum and walking, and generally anything that could lead to tragedy.

It occurs to me now as I am watching Flipping Out on Bravo On Demand that I am #1) In love with this show, #2) I totally need to get to work.

Tomorrow is my day to post over at NoelMignon.com, so I'm gonna get my ass in gear and get something made!!!!

I'll post house pics as soon as I can convince Eric to be in at least ONE of them. Men...


Hot Fun in the Summer Time!!!

Guess who's having a crop? That's right - over at NoelMignon.com we're going to be basking in the sunshine for a whole week! It's gonna be great - lots of challenges and fun to be had!

Be sure to swing on by, and if you're not already a member of the most fabulous board on the web, be sure to join so that you can party down with us!

ALSO! I'll be teaching my 'My Growing Up' mini book class right smack in the middle of it on the 10th and 11th, so be sure to sign up for a great time - there are only three kits left!