Freebie Friday and a Winner!!

Haaaaaaappy Friday, blogland!

Well, for those of you who sent me the most intriguing, odd, funny, and unusual factoids this last week - THANK YOU!!! It was actually the most interesting response because everyone had something totally different to say and I love to get a chance to learn about you, instead of blathering on about myself all the time. I mean, who doesn't love to blather about themselves, let's be real, but I waaaaay prefer a two-way blatherathon!!

Anyway, let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? The winner of the Jenni Bowlin goodies is the person who quite frankly, made me spew diet coke from my nose. Who gave a new meaning to the word perve-stache, and generally made us sisters in arms about our hair-getting-stuck-in-armpits-and-car-doors woes. That's right Kelsey, you're the winner!!

QC Kelsey has left a new comment on your post "Freebie Friday!!!":

Nice Loot!!

Hmmm ...

Brain fart - I got nothing interesting to say! I can't even make anything up ... all my ideas are sitting on the sidelines as they are all for my books. Oh! Here we go:

In the past 5 years, I've gotten my hair cut maybe 5 times. Last time was 2 years ago, time before that was 2 years ago. My hair is super long now - it gets caught everywhere ... pants waist, bra, shirt, elbows, armpits, under my elbows when I lean over (which isn't a very nice way to lose hair ... ouch), and I can barely do anything with it. It sits in a pony tail, a braid that still reaches my rear, or loose (cause that's how my Hubs likes it - all down and loose *yeesh*). I keep threatening to chop it off. I've had everything from a buzz cut to about as long as it is now. I've had every color of the rainbow too. Time after time I tell Hubs to prepare to come home to see it hacked off. Time after time I get too busy and just forget.

Not now. I officially have a hair appointment tomorrow to chop it. Not sure what I'll do - but shaving it all off is out. Hubs has threatened to grow a perve-stache if I shave it, and my Sister has threatened to never shave again if I shave it off. :)

So I'm scared but excited. 4 years of growth (cause 2 years ago when I got it done, I just got a slight trim and color) going bye bye.

So send me your address, girlie and I'll get those goodies out to you asap!!

And now for the next yummy freebie!

It's a bunch of paper from Bo Bunny! And maaaaaaybe a few other surprise goodies as well from my stash of treasures...

This week I want recipes! I need some new ones - I'm sick of tacos! (Unless they're yours, of course, Terri! Wink, wink...) So send me your best recipe to be entered to win! Facebook about it and you'll get another entry! This will run until next Friday, April 1 so be sure to get those entries in!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Hurry, hurry, go, go!!!! This babies get sold out soooo fast! Run like a madwoman to get one before they are all sold out!!


Sneaky sneaky...

Happy Sunday and welcome to my little portion of the blog hop sneaks!

This is more than just a fun way to get a bunch of sneaks all in one weekend, we have also turned it into a fun game! For April, we are revealing the name of the kit through jumbled letters (this is a 3 word name, with 11 total letters). The first stop on the hop is the NoelMignon LO/Project blog. So if you are stopping here first, please head back over there and start over to be sure you collect all the letters. Also, be sure to leave comments along the blog route, as there will be one lucky winner of a $10 discount pulled from all the comments left along the way. We are going to pull the winner from ONE blog, but that blog is a "mystery", so be thorough, and leave comments on every blog so you don't miss out!

Here it is!

The kit goes up for sale bright and early Monday morning! There will be a full reveal and kits will start shipping that very day! Get your order in early, as this one has the lines that have been getting a lot of attention since they debuted at CHA, and it won't last long!

Next on the hop is our lovly Leah!


Check it out!

Freebie Friday!!!

That's right! It's time for a giveaway!!

It's been a while, and things are starting to pile up in the studio, so what better way to clean house than to give it to someone?!

I thought you might agree with me on that one...

So here's the loot:

A whole bunch of Jenni Bowlin Black Extension III!! Now doesn't that just sound yummy?

To win this little goodie box, just leave me a comment here telling me something interesting. That's right. Wow me. Tell me tales. Spin a yarn. Gift me with some gab. That's it. I can't think of any more clever sayings... To win another entry, post this on Facebook or Tweet about it and leave me another comment letting me know.

Have a great weekend! I'll announce the winner next Friday!!


Pay me a visit!

Going to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton, CA? YOU AAAAAARRRRE? Well then stop by The Red Bee's booth and say hi! I'll be working there both days and would love to see you! We're gonna be doing some pretty cute little make-n-takes using SRM tubes and stickers. You don't want to miss this.

Also, be sure to check out the Scrapbook Grammie booth while you're there - she has a TON of great product and let's face it, who doesn't want to visit their Grammie?

See you there!


My fingers are raw.

Let's just pretend this is the bestest, crispest, most beautifulest picture in the world, shall we? Thanks.

So this is the little time suck that I've been working on and am now finally finished. Well. Finished if you don't look at the back of it. And I have to say, while I love it completely, I will never again make one of these. If I paid myself to make it, it would have a nice round $200 price tag on it. UGH. But a good experience, nonetheless. Now I have to figure out where the hell I'm gonna put it. Because it's gonna be up for a WHILE.


Delightfully Domestic

This is the newest kit from Noel Mignon. It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And guess what? It's already sold out! If you want one of Noel's kits, I think you're gonna have to start getting crafty with the bribes! She is a kit-makin' genius!

I've been slowly making making this little album since I got the kit this last weekend, and I have to say, it's been so much fun! I loooove just looking through all of the goodies, and I started reading this paper from October Afternoon, and all the recipes just sounded soooo good! Five different ice creams? Surely, this deserves it's own mini book, right? RIGHT!

You'll have to pardon the crappy pictures, my iPhone just doesn't hold up to my regular cam, but you kinda have to have a memory card for those little buggers, and that's reeaally inconvenient when you can't seem to find it. Not that it's lost. No, no. It's just... hiding.

Be sure to check the Noel Mignon blog for lots more inspiration!!


Stick a fork in me...

I am so done.

Seriously, it's been what, three weeks since I've checked in? Jeez. So not normal for me, and so not what a "serious" blogger does, right? Right. Consider my wrist slapped. Although, part of the reason I haven't been around much is that my wrists just haven't been working properly. Or at least for long periods of time. Not to mention my knees, elbows, and ankles. We're not even going to talk about my knuckles. And this has been my usual position the last couple of weeks...

Though I don't talk about it very much, I have rheumatoid arthritis throughout my entire body, and while I've been relatively symptom-free for the last several years, I have recently been pummeled my the RA gods, and it makes getting off my ass and even harder than usual. Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with me knows how poppy I am - my elbows, knees, neck, knuckles, and even my chest pops all day long, with absolutely no effort. It's creeeepy.

I was diagnosed with RA when I was 13, and I am also hyperextensive in all of my joints as well, which means that I'm SUPER flexible. Sounds good, but it basically means that I sprain things very easily and then on top of that, my ligaments don't shrink back like they're supposed to. SOOOO when I sprain anything I have to have surgery to fix it. It's a wonderful combination of holy shit and no friggin' way, that adds up to me being very careful where I step. But like I said, the last eight or so years have been pretty good.

So why all of a sudden? I just recently started seeing a new doctor (thanks honey, for having insurance that covers me!!) and she changed my birth control pill. I've taken the same one for almost eight years with no problems, so making this change was a little worrisome, but I had no idea how much it really matters that you find the right one for you!! Literally the day after I made the switch I started having baaad joint pain. The weather was yucky though, so I thought maybe I'm just having a bad day. At day 12, I figured, okay, this isn't normal. So I did some research.

Did you know that women who use birth control are 47% less likely to get arthritis? And that women who have arthritis can help control symptoms by taking birth control? Yeah, I didn't either. Thanks, all past doctors for not letting me in on this little tidbit... Many women who have RA have a total remission during pregnancy, too.

Lesson? Be more assertive when the doc says they're changing your meds. When you find something that works, don't change it!

On to other, far better things!

Since clicking isn't painful, I've found that I've spent way too much time online. Have you heard of Pinterest? It's only the most addictive thing on Earth! I have recently started using it, and I can't seem to stop!

Check it out. Need an invite? Email me. You'll regret it immediately. It's a black hole from which there is no return...

That's all for now. Dinner isn't gonna make itself, people!