Very Virginia

This month over at NoelMignon.com is all about V! She has her very own kit with all her favorites, and will be teaching a companion class with it later this month. You gotta get it!!!!!

Here is a video showing all of the contents of the kit:

Very Virginia from Brittny Lejeune on Vimeo.

Hurry, you don't want to miss out on this one!


The proof!

Yes, here I have actual proof that I am now indeed Mrs. Kvilhaug!

Eric & his parents.

My sister Kate.

Walking down the "aisle"

I hate bridges. I figured marrying him on one really meant something, right?




Kate & Thomas

Mamala & Uncle Thom

The restaurant. AMAZING food!

Me and my cousins Kara and Tori.

Imagine walking into your freshman dorm room to this. Oh great, now I'm the pretty girl's roommate. Good thing she turned out to be a total goober just like me! Love me my Kellie!

Our only picture of us ever kissing. So weird. Love it!

Adam, Eric, Me, Kate.

The cake. Christmas decorations that I ripped apart. Apparently, tasteful wedding toppers are a thing of the past.

Classy as ever.


It's my turn to take a picture!


Let them eat cake!

More cake.

Time to toast.

Tipsy enough that I'm leaning on him...

My ring and bouquet.

We. Are. Married.


Very Virginia

That's right! This month's kit from NoelMignon.com is inspired by our very own Virginia Tillery! Full of lots of goodies with her favorite styles, colors, and textures, you are sure to love this one as much as I do! Be sure to check back in here or over at the inspiration blog to see just exactly what is in this cuter-than-cute kit, because this month I get to make the video!! I can't wait!!


Even trees need skirts.

So I was looking through the Garnet Hill catalog the other day and I saw this and went a little nutso over it. A MUST HAVE, right? Well, no, not for $198. I mean, I don't even own a $198 skirt, and we must draw the line somewhere, mustn't we?

So, I made my own version (sorry for the crappy pictures - I can't figure out what's going on with the camera...)

So, I used that blizzard fleece from JoAnn's (ps: it's 50% off right now!) and made the base in a creamy color. Then I used four big ol brown buttons from my stash to fasten the two sides together.

The poinsettias took surprisingly little time to make - maybe three hours - and then I hot glued them to the base. And I love it!

Now if I could just get some presents wrapped to put on top of it...


Check out the new challenge over at the Noel Mignon Challenge Blog! It's a good one! One I wish I could have been a part of, but I got a hall pass from Noel since I was a little, ehem, preoccupied!

You're definitely not going to want to miss this challenge - one lucky lady will win not one, but TWO Bedford Falls kits. Just link your layout in the comments section over at the challenge blog and be sure to blog or Facebook about it too!

Oh! I almost forgot! I just got word that the wedding photos are in the mail, and as soon as I get them I'll get them up here! Promise!



In 30 minutes...

I'm getting married!!!!!!!!!


Change isn't always bad...

This is something that I'm learning. I'm about to have a HUGE change, and I don't just mean my last name, no no. It hits me about 100 times a day that in less than 48 hours I will be Mrs. Kvilhaug. Mrs.???? I mean, does that not sound like the weirdest thing ever? For the record, it's Kuh-vill-ha. See, easy peasy...

Anyway, another change for me is in my scrappy style. Now, I am a hands-on traditional glue and scissors kind of girl. Always have been. BUT the graphic designer in me loves using Photoshop to make up all kinds of things. So, when I was approached by My Memories Suite to try out their new software, I was a little ambivalent. I wasn't excited to scrap digitally, but I am always interested in trying out new creative software.

I am glad that I did.

I would say that on average I use Photoshop once a day, sometimes all day, depending on what I'm doing. And if I want to create a digital page, that's what I would use. BUT I didn't pay for my version, and I would never go out and pay for it, either. $1200 for photo editing software? No thanks. You could purchase Photoshop Elements for what? $60? Meh...

My Memories Suite is available for purchase online, which is nice - no going to the store. It automatically downloads to your computer, so there are no installation disks to keep track of. Next to Photoshop, it's the best program I've seen (and I've seen a few) for digital scrapbooking.

It comes pre-loaded with a ton of papers and embellishments, and they have an online store that is not only inexpensive, but has content available from names you know, like American Crafts and Tinkering Ink. You can buy whole product packs with hundreds of files for $5 - $10. So cheap!

What I'm finding I like a lot about the program too, is that I can plan my pages before I put anything down. If I have 4 photos that I want to use but am not sure about the sizes I want to print them out, I can play around with my page to see exactly how things are going to fit. If I want a particular journaling tag, I can print that out on it's own and slap that onto my layout for a little hybrid action!

Here are a couple of reeeeeallly quick layouts I made using the software.

I can't tell you how many times I moved those two sepia pictures around and resized them until I got them exactly where I wanted them!

I'm excited to play around with this more. It's gonna come is super handy for making up those photo books for the grandparents, especially when there's no time to hand-make multiple copies of the same page so that everyone gets exactly the same thing as everyone else. I think I'll just make up maybe 15 layouts, print out 4 copies of each, and bind them together. VOILA! Instant gift for super cheap.

So, see that little banner on the upper left of the page? Click it and go see what I'm talking about.

Have fun!