The proof!

Yes, here I have actual proof that I am now indeed Mrs. Kvilhaug!

Eric & his parents.

My sister Kate.

Walking down the "aisle"

I hate bridges. I figured marrying him on one really meant something, right?




Kate & Thomas

Mamala & Uncle Thom

The restaurant. AMAZING food!

Me and my cousins Kara and Tori.

Imagine walking into your freshman dorm room to this. Oh great, now I'm the pretty girl's roommate. Good thing she turned out to be a total goober just like me! Love me my Kellie!

Our only picture of us ever kissing. So weird. Love it!

Adam, Eric, Me, Kate.

The cake. Christmas decorations that I ripped apart. Apparently, tasteful wedding toppers are a thing of the past.

Classy as ever.


It's my turn to take a picture!


Let them eat cake!

More cake.

Time to toast.

Tipsy enough that I'm leaning on him...

My ring and bouquet.

We. Are. Married.


♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

WOW what gorgeous Pics!! And what a stunning bride you are! You look beautiful! Love your headband too.
Kristy xo

Helen Croft said...

wow! Congrats to you Britt! You are such a gorgeous bride. May you live happily ever after!

beckyjune said...

Congratulations, Britt. You look beautiful and SO happy.

Glue Meets Paper said...

Looks like a great day! You looked fabulous and I looooove your rings :) Congrats!

Shell said...

love them all - but what I want to know is..

where is that bridge?
and where is that restaurant?

Kim Sonksen said...

Congratulations girl - awesome pictures!

Keshet said...

You look beautiful, congratulations!

Noel said...

Wow Britt, these are beautiful photos, and the day looked just perfect! Congratulations!!

Gretchen said...

congrats!! you look beautiful!!

jonaks said...

congrats!!! lovely wedding photos!!! congrats on Best creation DT too. so excited to work with you!

Sandy Ang said...

Congrats ! I must say it's the first time I've seen a 'bridge' wedding. Just too unique.

Heather Innusa said...

What amazing pics! Looks like such fun! You are such a pretty girl & make a beautiful bride!

Jenn K said...

Congats to you!! Love the pics you guys are so happy together!