Freebie Friday!!!

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Happy Friday!


Katie said...

OK....LOVE these papers...would love to try some of them out! I found this cute little tin with the travel line...I have been meaning to make a place for us to drop change and money for a vacation fund and this would be fab!

Michelle said...

i am a brand new follower i just happened to be googling different stuff and i came across your blog! not only do i love it, but i love you too!! your pictures in your layouts and your videos, i love your personality we would be great friends haha..i would love if you follow me too! im going to be checking back in often!! :)


Michelle said...

and here is the link you are asking for i absolutely lovveeee this line of paper and it just happens to be your design :) but this is definitely inspiration i would love to win :)


Michelle said...

Ok. LOVE that paper!!! I have seen the safari boy and wanting it!! I haven't scrapped too many of my middle daughter or my youngest's (a boy) photos!!! This IS adorable!!! So perfect!!! My little guy LOVES animals! Enjoying your blog!!! Here is one of my fav's Best Creation LO.

Jessica said...

I really like all of these collections, I mean who doesn't love glitter?! My faves though are Bunny Love and Safari Boy.

There are some LO's on the Best Creations site that I really want to try. I want to start scrapping LO's without people. Maybe some of our travel destinations, or just my favorite "stuff". Some examples are in this post:


Have a great weekend!!

Tami Moore said...

Love love it! :)

Tami Moore said...

I suppose I should leave my link too...Im partial to their wedding papers myself ;) http://www.bestcreation.us/Wedding_2CMV.php

gssfam said...

Hi Britt! I love the chance to win this! :D My fav line would probably be the travel one??? Or the baby boy one??? Thanks for the opportunity and this is the link I like...its a layout that I am dying to try!